Transaction Updates

15 August 2019 : IFA to Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd in relation to IPT Disposal and IPT General Mandate

On 18 June 2019, SGX-ST Catalist-listed Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd (“Tung Lok” or the “Company”) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tung Lok Millennium Pte Ltd (“TLM”), had on 18 June 2019 entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with Maker Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd (“MFM”) in relation to the proposed disposal (the “IPT Disposal”) of TLM’s entire 50% shareholding interest in T&T Gourmet Cuisine Pte Ltd (“T&T”), a joint venture company which is owned equally by the Company and Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd (“TYJ”) through their respective wholly-owned subsidiaries, to MFM for a consideration of S$1,150,000 (the “Consideration”).

24 June 2019 : Completion of Partial Offer for Sevak Limited and Voluntary Cash Offer for Boardroom Limited, in capacity as FA to the Offeror and IFA respectively

SAC Capital acted as the Financial Adviser to Smart Entertainment Private Limited (the “Offeror”) for its voluntary conditional partial offer (the “Partial Offer”) to acquire 1,482,387 issued and paid-up ordinary shares in the capital (the “Shares”) of SGX-ST Main Board-listed Sevak Limited (“Sevak” or the “Company”), other than the shares held in treasury and the shares already owned, controlled or agreed to be acquired by the Offeror and parties acting with it (the “Offer Shares”) at an offer price of S$4.00 (the “Offer Price”). The Offeror is 99.93% beneficially owned and controlled by Dr Modi Bhupendra Kumar (“Dr Modi”), investment vehicles controlled by Dr Modi and his family members.

27 May 2019 : Completion of RTO of Lereno Bio-Chem and Specific IPT Mandate of Samko Timber Limited

SAC Capital has acted as the Financial Adviser and Sponsor to SGX-ST Catalist-listed Lereno Bio-Chem Ltd (“Lereno”) in its S$26.4 million acquisition of Knit Textile and Apparel Pte. Ltd. (“Knit Textile”), being a reverse takeover.

25 March 2019: Completion of Initial Public Offering of Reclaims Global Limited

SAC Capital has acted as the Sponsor, Issue Manager, Underwriter and Placement Agent to Reclaims Global Limited (“Reclaims Global”, together with its subsidiary, the “Group”), a Singapore-based eco-friendly integrated service provider in the construction industry for its successful Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) on the SGX-ST Catalist on 11 March 2019, with a market capitalization of S$30.1 million.

19 February 2019: Completion of reverse takeover of TSH Corporation Limited

SAC Capital has acted as the Financial Adviser and Sponsor to SGX-ST Catalist-listed TSH Corporation Limited (“TSH”) in its S$19.4 million acquisition of Sloshed! Pte. Ltd. (“Sloshed!”), being a reverse takeover and interested person transaction.