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SAC Investment Management Private Limited (“SACIM”) is a Singapore based Fund Management Company registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. SACIM specializes in the investment of various securities and other assets. The shareholders of SACIM comprise SAC Capital Private Limited, Tokusui Investments Singapore Pte Ltd, and Gerald Cheong who is the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of SACIM.

SACIM is able to leverage on the established business networks of its stakeholders in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Led by strong leadership and backed by seasoned industry veterans, we have in-depth knowledge of the region which allows us to pick up structural growth trends and invest into companies that would benefit from these trends.

SACIM is in the process of launching its first private equity fund (the “Fund”) focusing on: (i) private equity – investments in companies with clear and identifiable exit strategy either through an IPO or a trade sale; and (ii) public equities – placement shares of to-be-listed or listed companies. The Fund is industry agnostic except for mineral, oil and gas sectors. We expect to concentrate our sourcing of investments in the Asia Pacific region.

Investment Team

SACIM’s investment team comprises of two investment managers who possess relevant industry knowledge and experience. The team’s wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge put us in a strong position in evaluating the companies and providing value-add to the investee companies. The profiles of the investment managers are as follow :

Gerald Cheong, CEO and Investment Manager

SACIM is led by Mr. Gerald Cheong who has 20 years of experience in corporate finance advisory. He has extensive experience in the management and execution of M&A and IPO projects. Routinely conducting deal sourcing, business development, and feasibility studies of investment opportunities, Mr. Cheong has in-depth knowledge of both the commercial and technical aspects of investment and business management.

Francis Leung, Investment Director

Mr. Francis Leung has more than 19 years of venture capital and private equity experience. From his almost 2 decades of experience with various investment management companies, he has sourced, structured, and executed deals; local and overseas, in a wide variety of industries. His approach to investment management is to actively engage portfolio companies to increase their value, benefiting both the portfolio companies and investors.

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