Announcement: Clarification on Golden Farm Holding Limited

Straits Times – 20 December 2017
Announcement: Clarification on Golden Farm Holding Limited

There was an advert on The Straits Times – Business Section dated 20 December 2017, page C3 titled: A Dragon Fruit Tale turns into Gold: A signing of MOU between Golden Farm Holding and SAC in Singapore for public listing in Hong Kong.

We would like to clarify that the above mentioned of “SAC” is related to Strategy Advisory & Capital Pte Ltd (SAC) and not SAC Capital Private Limited. It was first brought to our attention that the earlier news dated 17 November 2017 by Business Times was not accurate as the article mentioned that SAC Capital was the Sponsor for their listing on the local bourse.

Original post on another platform can be found here.

We have since clarified the matter with SPH and the article on Business Times was since amended with a remark that SAC Capital was not the sponsor and Golden Farm indeed did not plan to list on the local bourse but in HK IPO.

You may find the amended post here.

None the less, multiple platform has taken the news as is and posted without amendments made to the news, hence a slight confusion to some readers whom may have known us both personally and professionally.

We hope this announcement will clear the doubts and confusion that the article might have caused.

Thank you.
From the Management of SAC Capital Private Limited.