CEO’s Message

I am very humbled and happy to see so many of you here today giving us your continuous support throughout the years.

2018 has been a great start. After 14 years in the market, we are moving forward with more to offer.

In 2017, we launched SAC Research with our analysts Terence Chua and Eing Kar Mei. Since the launch, we have published more than 50 number of reports, including weekly market updates and company-specific reports; highlighting some of the best ideas for our investors.

Through a variety of reports covering a wide spectrum of industries, SAC aims to provide in-depth equity research to meet the needs of both high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Primarily covering small- and medium- sized companies, our goal is to tap on our extensive knowledge of capital markets to be a source of providing well researched reports. Our mission is to provide the market with easy access to information through the availability of reports on this platform. Our research reports now enjoy a wide circulation among high net worth individual and institutional investors; and are also made available on our SAC corporate website, SGX website and Bloomberg. Our analysts and research reports are also frequently quoted by Straits Times, Business Times, Zaobao and Money FM.

Last year, SAC has partnered with ShareInvestor (a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPH) in launching a revolutionary platform – Investor-One which is fully endorsed and supported by SGX. Providing the service to an even wider audience. Our research reports are also available on the Investor-One website.

Moving on to our core business, SAC’s continuing sponsorship has always been focusing on providing quality services on advising on compliance to listing obligations as well as reviewing announcements and circulars.

After being in our “Safe Hands” thus far, we are propelling our clients with “Creative Value through Independent Thinking”. With this in mind, we strive to think out of the box to go even further and providing our clients an overall package that will embedded all the values and mission we have always been upholding. Integrity, Trust, Confidence and Progressive.

All in all, we are very happy with the progress and happier to see that we are able to provide even more to our clients.