Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd

Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd is Singapore’s leading innovative restaurant chain. Offering a distinct and multi-sensory dining experience at each of its restaurants, Tung Lok restaurants have grown to become popular dining venues for discerning local and international diners. Tung Lok restaurants are distinctive in its own way, catering to different consumer segments to prevent market saturation. At the same time, the Tung Lok name lends it a common branding for quality food, ambience and service. Each Tung Lok outlet bears the hallmark values of quality food, excellent service and unique dining concepts. This trinity has led the group to win numerous accolades from the F&B industry, including awards from Asia’s premier gourmet event – the World Gourmet Summit. Tung Lok’s other business segments include catering services and manufacturing delectable and quality products such as mooncakes, cookies and nian gao for festive seasons. These products are meticulously created by Tung Lok’s chefs and produced at the Group’s manufacturing facilities. The Group’s ability to license its brands overseas is also testament to its strong reputation and branding.

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