SAC Company’s Reports

SAC Company’s Reports

In this section, we feature quality stocks that fly under the radar of investors. These stocks are pre-dominantly in the small- and medium- capitalisation space, and/or have low trading liquidity. In selecting companies within this space, we focus on compelling, and actionable ideas that can make a different for our clients.

Our research analysts specialise in specific sectors to bring deep insights across industries so that our clients benefit from our direct knowledge of the Singapore market. Our analyst is consistently on the ground to answer questions investors may have, and to find the latest ideas and themes that transcend the markets and highlighting this to our clients.

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Well informed investors are a key factor for an efficient equity market ecosystem to exist. Through a variety of reports covering a wide spectrum of industries, SAC Advisors aims to provide in-depth equity research reports to retail and institutional investors. Primarily covering small- and medium- sized companies, our goal is to tap on our extensive knowledge of capital markets to be a source of well researched reports. Our mission is to provide the market with easy access to information through the availability of reports on this platform.

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